Geneviève SOTON
3, place de l'église
91750 Nainville les Roches
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The Garden

This beautiful garden seems to have been here forever. Who could imagine how much tender loving care went into its creation? Some would say it looks more like a park, with its big trees and the stone wall that surrounds it.

Go for a stroll and see if you can identify the carefully-chosen plants... Have you ever heard of the Cercis Forest Pansy? What is the name of the shrub planted between the Cytisus Battandieri and the Leycesteria Formosa?

Along the way, you will find several (working) stone wells, a lovely little patio where you can hide at the bottom of the garden, and behind the copse of trees with ornamental bark, an attractive, colourful little cottage, followed by a tennis court that is slightly off the beaten track...and on the way back to the house, you are bound to stop off and admire the remarkable mosaic on the side of the barn: a colourful picture. At the end of your walk, you'll see the remaining farm buildings, all tastefully renovated.

It makes you want to sit back on the patio and admire the view. This can't be in the Paris Region! You must be somewhere else!

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